Apricot Kernel


Thanks to the B17 in it, it is said to prevent the formation of cancerous cells and the expansion of the formed ones. Thanks to its abundance of vitamins, apricot seeds can also have a strengthening effect on the immune system. Apart from these features, it helps in balancing high blood pressure.

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What Does Apricot Kernel Do?

Apricot kernel contains many important vitamins and minerals along with B17. At the same time, thanks to the antioxidant effect it contains, it protects the body against many external pests. In this direction, it strengthens the immune system and makes the body more fit. The barrier that it puts at the point of formation or progression of cancerous cells is one of the more important factors. Of course, balancing the blood pressure, providing the opportunity to balance the blood pressure and taking care of the skin for a younger appearance are among the very important benefits.

How to Eat Apricot Kernel?

It provides the opportunity to consume apricot kernels by using different methods. Along with being consumed directly raw, it is also widely used, especially by turning it into oil. The most important thing is to consume it raw. The main reason for this is to provide stronger support for many important diseases along with internal diseases. At the same time, it provides an important support to the passing of problems such as acne, acne and similar problems, as it is applied to the skin area as oil. Of course, you can optionally choose any of the above and apricot kernels can be evaluated in a healthy way.

How Much Apricot Kernel Should Be Eaten Per Day?

Although it has very important benefits, apricot kernels have a very small amount of cyanide content. For this reason, it is preferred to consume a maximum of 10 or 15 apricot kernels per day, when considered by experts. Thus, by using the seed of this fruit, you will not be faced with a situation such as poisoning. However, since the apricot kernel does not create such a situation, it is among the food sources that can be consumed or evaluated regularly.

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